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Business Development is a must-have for all brands to have from day one. In fact, many fail because they misunderstand business development and sales, thus they build a solution that no-one really wants to buy.

It's the creation of long-term value for an organisation from customers and markets via the development & maintenance of high-impact relationships.

The Need

Types of engagement
How you can help support New Majority entrepreneurs.

Speakers & Instructors
Teach the next generation
Provide one to many lessons with members during our programs.
Short-term Coaches
Make the complex digestible
Help founders apply what they're learning during programs via 1:1 interactions & coaching circles.
Long-term Mentors
Monthly guidance from experts
Post-graduation, 1-on-1 support that addresses specific business issues & challenges (6-months).
In-Network Freelancers
Hands-on support & engagement
A robust network of pro's with priority consideration for all 1863 & member jobs.
1863 Advisors
Aligned enablement of the 1863 brand
Mission-aligned pro's who can share & create opportunities for our brand, programs and members.
1863 Board Members
Holding 1863 accountable
Those with fiduciary duty to guide and support the organization over the next several years.

Retail & eCommerce
Guide our members as they navigate the world of retail partnerships.

When done right, retail partnerships can result in additional exposure and revenue, and both parties end up happy with more customers and sales.

That said, striking up these winning partnership agreements may not always be a walk in a park. In addition to investing the time and effort to find, vet, and woo potential partners, our New Majority brands also need to carefully craft the terms of their agreements to ensure that costs and responsibilities are clear to all participating brands.

To support our members through this endeavor we're looking for Biz Dev experts in all engagement capacities to bring their experience & connections where possible.

Department Stores
Offer a wide range of products. It can be compared to a collection of smaller retail stores managed by one company.
Specialty Stores
Focus on one or two specific categories of products. They are known for having a very narrow product line.
They are large, self-service stores that specialize in food and some non-food items. FMCG products are the main focus in such stores.
Convenience Stores
Usually located in residential areas, they offer a limited range of products at premium prices due to the added value of convenience. Generally small establishments.
Discount Stores
Give considerable discounts on the products that they sell. Discount stores compete on the basis of low prices, high turnover, and high volume.
These stores are huge in size and have many different categories under their belt. These stores tend to be the size of malls.

Support members as they engage the education system.

For brands in the education industry and for anyone leading a company with expansion in mind, having more feet on the street is the default approach to business development.

However, what we've seen over and over again is a push to hire reps or to engage third parties without being "channel ready." The result? The cost of sales rep turnover and failed channel partnerships is enormous for players in the product-centric education industry.

We're looking to bolster the success of our New Majority brands by bringing on Biz Dev experts in any engagement capacity because sales to schools often falls short of goals. We need professionals to advise our New Majority entrepreneurs who want to expand their business to invest in channel readiness evaluation and execution.

Education for children that are about four to eleven years old.
Education for youth that are about 12 to 18 years old.
Higher Education
Education for adults in Title IV degree-granting institutions.
Trade Schools
Focused training that prepares students for skilled trades.

Tourism & Hospitality
Help members traverse the hospitality industry with ease.

Tourism and hospitality are industries that require a wide range of expertise and interests from brands in the space. Form knowledge of new local activities, food-and-beverage trends and evolving technology are examples that barely scratch the surface, especially with today’s changing landscape of customer preferences.

To support our brands in this ever-changing industry, we're looking for Tourism & Hospitality veterans willing to give their time in both a paid and unpaid capacity as everything from speakers & coaches to in-network freelancers.

Food & Beverage
Brands primarily engaged in preparing meals, snacks, and beverages for immediate consumption on & off the premises.
Travel & Tourism
Services related to moving people from place to place. Buses, cabs, planes, ships, trains and so on are all part of the travel industry.
Brands that deal with accommodation for a period or a place to sleep for one or more nights. Fancy hotels, hostels, campgrounds, etc.
Brands that cover any activity that people do for rest, relaxation, and enjoyment. The goal of recreation is to refresh a person's body and mind.

Sports & Entertainment
Connect teams with key players in the industry.

Sports & entertainment brands provide access to an audience that may be more likely to consider products that have similar values in terms of enjoying competition, victory, and celebration. These partnerships enable a New Majority brand to reach out and share its messages with a diverse and large segment of their audience.

However impressive these partnerships may be, we need Biz Dev experts in the Sports & Entertainment industries, in any engagement capacity, to guide and enable our brands to actually capture the value of these amazing opportunities.

Media & Entertainment
American Football
Outdoor Recreation
Winter Sports

Real Estate
Arm our members with the knowledge & access to become pioneers in the industry.

Real estate partnerships are essentially an alliance to mitigate risk, maximize potential, and provide what would’ve otherwise been unattainable working alone. Although two heads are generally better than one, especially in business, not all partnerships are free of risk.

Unfortunately, the challenges from shared decision-making can become an issue over time. For those considering making the leap, we're building a sub-council of Real Estate pro's willing to educate and or work together with our members in any capacity to guide their decision-making.

Used for activities like factories, production, R&D, warehousing, etc.
Refers to land & buildings used by businesses to carry out their operations.
Consists of housing for individuals, families, or groups of people.
Typically refers to undeveloped property and vacant land.

Guide members as they engage the government at all levels.

The U.S. government spends tens of billions of dollars on contracting agreements each year, yet still struggles to find the best service providers to meet their needs. For New Majority brands, entering and scaling in the federal market is expensive, time intensive, and risky. This sub-council is designed to reduce the friction along the way.


Help teams navigate the ever-changing & rigorous landscape of finance.

Partnerships remain the surest path to rapid revenue growth for financial-services firms, not to mention the companies they team up with. We're sourcing industry veterans that can enable our brands to team up with leaders in an industry that already has loyal clients or members as it's an efficient way to acquire new customers.

Asset-based finance
Fund Management
Payment Systems
Investment Banking
Hedge Funds
Private Equity

Give members the direction needed to maneuver within the healthcare industry.

Drugs and
Composed of biotechnology firms, major pharmaceuticals firms, and makers of generic drugs
Range from firms that manufacture standard, familiar products—to those that conduct cutting-edge research & produce expensive, hi-tech equipment
Managed healthcare companies provide health insurance policies.
Operate hospitals, clinics, labs, psychiatric facilities, and nursing homes.

Support our teams as they enable consumers to incorporate wellness into their daily lives.

Personal Care
& Beauty
Healthy Eating & Nutrition
Fitness, Mind
& Body
Real Estate
Thermal & Mineral Springs

Logistics & Supply Chains
Give our teams insight into the misunderstood world of supply chains.

Manage the flow of raw materials and parts necessary for manufacturing.
Materials Management, Distribution in Factories, Product Management and Shipping
Delivery from Warehouse to Wholesalers, Retailers, and Consumers
Recovery & Recycling Logistics
Recovering and Recycling Products, Containers and Packaging

Construction & Infrastructure
Enable members to serve the people who build, maintain, and repair our architecture.

Federal & State Construction
Refer to projects commissioned by a county, city, or any other state-funded entity.
Residential Construction
Single-family residence or facility with (usually) less than 3-4 units.
Commercial Construction
Projects like restaurants, stores, skyscrapers, sports facilities, hospitals, schools, etc.
Industrial Construction
Projects such as power plants, manufacturing plants, solar wind farms, refineries, etc.

Cyber Security
Enable brands to defend against the threats we can't see.

Financial Services
While financial institutions know security is an issue, many of them aren’t prepared and don’t know how to combat the increasingly sophisticated tactics of cyber criminals.
Compared to the private sector, the government is a treasure trove of information for hackers that when exposed puts national security at risk.
Health Care
Millions of patients have had access to private records compromised in an ongoing series of costly and high-profile data breaches.
Help protect against defective products, production downtime, physical damage, injuries and death, the loss of sensitive information and more.