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It Takes a Villiage

These are the folks dedicated to your success.

Teach the next generation.
Make the complex digestible.
Monthly guidance from experts.
Hands-on support & engagement.
Aligned enablement of the 1863 brand.
Holding 1863 accountable.
The Need

Types of engagement
How you can help support New Majority entrepreneurs.

Speakers & Instructors
Teach the next generation
Provide one to many lessons with members during our programs.
Short-term Coaches
Make the complex digestible
Help founders apply what they're learning during programs via 1:1 interactions & coaching circles.
Long-term Mentors
Monthly guidance from experts
Post-graduation, 1-on-1 support that addresses specific business issues & challenges (6-months).
In-Network Freelancers
Hands-on support & engagement
A robust network of pro's with priority consideration for all 1863 & member jobs.
1863 Advisors
Aligned enablement of the 1863 brand
Mission-aligned pro's who can share & create opportunities for our brand, programs and members.
1863 Board Members
Holding 1863 accountable
Those with fiduciary duty to guide and support the organization over the next several years.

Curriculum x Council

Define our strategic curriculum.

These folks help us refine how we support you across the core functions of your brand.

Marketing & Comms x Council

Refine the way brands interact with customers.

Help brands promote their messaging to key audiences compelling them to take the desired actions.

Creative x Council

Re-imagining brands visual language

Support our member brands through the artistic & creative process.

Biz Dev x Council

Advise brands on establishing high value partnerships.

Help members attract key channel partners to enable them attract more customers with less effort.

Product x Council

Inspire teams to build better products & teams.

Help team accelerate business decisions by gathering user insights, developing roadmaps & building world class teams.

Fundraising x Council

Navigate the turbulent waters of raising capital.

Help brands identify the right types of financing for their brands and providing guidance on how to capture it.