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Fundraising Council

Providing access to capital and the guidance to manage it.

The Need

Types of engagement
How you can help support New Majority entrepreneurs.

Speakers & Instructors
Teach the next generation
Provide one to many lessons with members during our programs.
Short-term Coaches
Make the complex digestible
Help founders apply what they're learning during programs via 1:1 interactions & coaching circles.
Long-term Mentors
Monthly guidance from experts
Post-graduation, 1-on-1 support that addresses specific business issues & challenges (6-months).
In-Network Freelancers
Hands-on support & engagement
A robust network of pro's with priority consideration for all 1863 & member jobs.
1863 Advisors
Aligned enablement of the 1863 brand
Mission-aligned pro's who can share & create opportunities for our brand, programs and members.
1863 Board Members
Holding 1863 accountable
Those with fiduciary duty to guide and support the organization over the next several years.

Debt Lenders
Arming members with access and insight to effectively leverage debt.

Bank Loans

Government Backed Loans

Equity Investors
Guide members as they navigate the waters of equity fundraising.

Venture Capital

Angel Investors

Giving members guidance and access to non-dilutive capital.

Public Grants

Private Grants

Support brands as they tap into the power of public fundraising.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Equity Crowdfunding

Donation-based Crowdfunding

Rewards-based Crowdfunding

Debt-Securities Crowdfunding

Profit-sharing / Revenue-sharing