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A National Initiative

Changing the

A multifaceted approach to shift the perception of New Majority founders. Using an educational fellowship, free PR, and a survivability report we will redefine what success looks like for the New Majority and what it takes to get them there.

Phase 2
Public Relations

An aggressive push to put New Majority founders on the national stage using PR.

Phase 3
Survivability Report

Insight on key inputs to help advance New Majority brands thrive beyond the five-year “valley of death”.

Phase 1
Founder Support

Rigorous 6-month program to on improve internal processes of graduates.

The Problem
Despite their impact, New Majority firms lack the necessary support to thrive.

Wealth and opportunity gaps depress growth and increase risk of failure. Without a targeted effort, we risk furthering asymmetrical business conditions that favor non-minority firms that are often better capitalized and more likely to be backed by sources of growth capital.

$700 billion
Total Annual Revenue
Average Annual Receipts
45 million
Employed by them in the US

More than 90% are
non-employer firms.

For investors and business advisors, the key benchmark for a startup is making it beyond the fifth year of operation. This is rooted in the notion that execution risk is highest at the early stage as founders struggle to validate their market and optimize the way they deliver their product or service at scale.

The data

A common misconception is that 80% of firms fail in the first FIVE years. In actuality, the data actually shows:

2 years
5 years
10 years
15 years

To avoid failure and reach profitability, founders need contextual support to help them become better operators, and they need guidance on what tools they should adopt to scale with confidence.

The data shows that New Majority founders on average have less access to these key resources than their white male counterparts.

The Inputs
Network Access
Lack of access to key partners and networks
Access to Capital
Unable to secure capital or similar terms
Technical Assistance
Tech support and managing product teams
Access to Services
Expertise that fills a critical process or operational gap

The Solution
An initiative to change the narrative around New Majority teams

The Objective

Reduce barriers to New Majority success in a scalable way.

Highlight resiliency & success

We will shift the perception around New Majority brands through partnerships with large publications, such as Essence.

Boost awareness & revenue

We will broadcast each brand through our affiliate and influencer networks so we can position them to grow a loyal customer base and earn consistent revenue long term, at scale.

Increase chances of financing

By focusing on and fine-tuning key aspects of each brand's performance, we position them to raise capital from any number of Ecosystem Builders, whether in the form of grants, loans, or equity.

The Components

A bi-annual program with cohorts of fifty teams that will result in three outputs

When a team begins the Beyond5 program, they'll first undergo rigorous analysis and training in order to understand where they are and where they want to be.

Our team will then work together with each team to produce an activity roadmap of best practices to guide them on their transformational journey.

Once teams have executed the key activities in their individual roadmaps, we'll run several social posts, social ads, and placements in leading publication to boost awareness around each team.

At the end of the full program, we'll produce the Survivability Report that highlights our learnings around what it takes to survive Beyond5.

Founder Support
Tailored programs around building a profitable brand

We provide cohort-based and industry-agnostic entrepreneurship development and training. These classes focus on the core aspects of the 1863 curriculum, but they are tailored to the needs of each individual cohort. Individual accelerator sessions can be swapped, in real-time, for more relevant content in order to maximize benefit.

We supplement these classes with one-on-one coaching, ad-hoc virtual classes based on requests, and face-to-face advisory sessions from our expert Brain Trust.

Founder Development

Structured sessions on strategy, process, and systems

We provide both a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum designed alongside industry veterans. Our program will be a structured approach to building a high-performing brand specific to each team's current stage of growth.

1863 Studio

Targeted hands-on assistance for each brand

From design to legal work, 1863's studio team provides key interventions for each brand that are sure to yield high returns in both revenue and capacity.

One-on-One Coaching

Intimate guidance to achieve immediate and long-term goals

Each brand will have ad hoc, one-on-one sessions with both the 1863 team and our Brain Trust council members. These sessions will cover the most pressing issues each brand might be facing that are hindering them from achieving long-term goals.

Our team and Brain Trust council members are composed of experts in their industries with decades of experience. 1863 is constantly expanding its Brain Trust to bring high impact support to founders when they need it most. Below are just a few of the brands we represent.

Public Relations
Giving incredible New Majority brands their time on the national stage

Using our content development staff and the 1863 Creative Brain Trust, we'll work with brands to develop visually compelling content designed to convince their target customer segments to buy into their brand narratives.

To successfully change narratives, 1863 will leverage a mixture of influencer marketing, content marketing, native advertising, and strategic PR.

Social Media Syndication

300 influencers.
500M+ impressions.

We've gathered an exhaustive list of social media influencers across multiple industries and platforms. They range from finance to construction. And have a large presence on social platforms like YouTube and Instagram. All are happy and willing to create and promote content about and for our New Majority brands.

Native Ad Placement

Reach 1.4 billion people in premium publications & feeds.

Through various channel partners and their exclusive long-term agreements with the world's most premium digital properties, we've positioned our program participants to take full advantage of positioning their brand as leaders in their respective industries.


Giving each brand their time to shine.

We're working with leading publications and contributors to set up promotion of our program participants, all to give these amazing founders and teams the coverage that they deserve.

The Report
An in-depth analysis on what it takes to survive Beyond 5

The report will collect data from over one thousand candidates and seek to provide insight on key inputs for surviving Beyond5. We'll provide case studies and outline areas of opportunity for ecosystem builders, policy makers, and investors to help advance these businesses beyond the “valley of death.”

Key Inputs

What are the crucial material needs of New Majority brands?

We focus on providing measurable entrepreneurial support. We aim to aggressively track the assistance we provide, such as network access, design advice, development support, legal advice, and more. Our goal is to understand which combination of inputs lead to the greatest ROI and what works best for each business type.

Intervention Opportunities

When should these inputs be provided?

It's not enough to understand what needs to be done. When, or at what stage of growth these inputs are provided has a tremendous impact on how much value a brand can effectively capture. Using real data from our cohorts, we aim to highlight the most impactful windows of opportunity for ecosystem builders to intervene to yield the greatest ROI.

Case Studies

Data-backed New Majority successes and failures.

The goal of this report and these case studies is not to pat ourselves on the back but rather to understand what works and what doesn't. More importantly, we aim to delineate how these interventions impact brands across retail, marketplaces, services, and SaaS.

Help us change the narrative around New Majority founders.

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