3R's Grant Program

$500k in Grants

Recover. Rebuild. Resilience.

The goal is to help as many For-Profit businesses as possible navigate the short term uncertainty driven by COVID-19 in order to overcome the persistent structural barriers faced due to race and/or gender. Joining this online program you'll reevaluate your business models, pivot where necessary, set a targeted growth strategy, and execute with a clear roadmap.  

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The 3R's

What exactly is the 3R's accelerator program?

The 3R's

What will we be covering throughout it?

The 3R's

What locations will this program focus on?

The Program
Stabilize. Capitalize. Grow. Buoyancy.

As cities are reopening post COVID-19, 1863 Ventures and our partner organizations appreciate the struggle associated with both reestablishing your for-profit brand with existing customers, as well as developing strategies to reach new ones. To help, we've developed the 3R's National Accelerator & Grant Program to help you get there faster.

Stabilization Phase

Stabilizing your brand through learning.
An online educational course that provides targeted technical assistance to help you reduce costs and optimize your business model in the long and short-term.

Make your product sell itself.
Brands are built on authenticity and trust. But at the core of an essential brand is a strong value proposition. We help you distill what you offer into what makes you unique
Build and maintain relationships with high-ticket customers
A strong sales strategy helps you target the right customers, at scale. We work with you to develop a repeatable and data-driven approach to close more deals faster.
How to approach and manage investor & lender relationships
Fundraising should be a means to an end for your business, not a signal of success. We help you understand how to create value within your company so you can attract the right capital to get you to the next milestone.
Ensure your business has the capital to not only survive but thrive
We get it, excel spreadsheets and financial models can be intimidating. We empower you to project the performance of your business using historical financial data & research-based assumptions.
Build the right products for the right customer segments
To tackle large market opportunities, you must start with those initial adopters. Using customer discovery, you'll understand what markets and segments have the highest need for your product.
Manage your team like the pros
A business is made of many moving parts. Each business function should contribute to your overall business goals. We help you transition from doer to leader so you you have clarity on the road ahead and confidence to execute on your mission.

A comprehensive learning experience.
We'll focus on providing you with plug and play content and templates that walk you through implementing strategies, processes and systems that are key to improving your business operations dramatically.

Capitalization Phase

Apply for a $5000 grant.
We'll provide short-term, non dilutive capital to select, for-profit businesses that complete the pre-requisite online courses. This capital from our dedicated partners serves to help smooth out cash-flow while you implement your new strategies.

Everyone is eligible to learn, only the top performing brands can receive grants.
After you've completed the pre-requisite content and you've begun optimizing your operations, you can meet with the 1863 team at your request to be evaluated for your chance to receive your teams $5000 grant.

in grant rewards to distribute
to be received per team

Growth Phase

Fostering growth through network engagement.
With the help of our expert brain trust and our partner networks in select cities we'll help you establish a clear and repeatable strategy to grow and retain revenue while leveraging our strategic resources.

Meet the Brain Trust.
A collection of councils, composed of numerous industry veterans — tirelessly dedicated to your portfolio's success. Each council is focused on eliminating key risks your investments may face in specific and tangible ways.

Reducing the hurdles they'll face with funding and financing.
Identify & mange your ideal customers, their pain points & the the value you provide
Business Development
Preparing them to be in the right rooms at the right time.
Focuses on how to generate, nurture, close & retain a customer over time by aligning marketing, sales & customer success.
Marketing & Comms
Refining their brand message and value proposition.
How you track progress, create alignment, and encourage organization-wide engagement around measurable goals.
Making sure their visual language reinforces the value prop.
Plan, manage & predict your organizations financial future
Ensuring they produce amazing products & the necessary teams.
Help team accelerate business decisions by gathering user insights, developing roadmaps & building world class teams.

Buoyancy Phase

Ensuring your brand is resilient.
Recurring check-ins and one-on-one mentorship with the 1863 ventures team & broader network. Here is where we both set and work towards achieving the key objectives you've set as a brand.

One-on-one check-in's give you the space you need to work on and towards your goals in an intimate & safe environment with the 1863 team. We hep you assess your brands performance when hitting your goals defined in our monthly accountability sessions while also leaving time to discuss mission critical needs & support.

6-month mentorship is optional for brands that receive grant funding where you get to choose a member of our Brain Trust post-graduation that you would like to engage with for up to 6 months to help guide your brand and lean on for support.

Program Experience

What you can expect from the 3R's program.
Once we accept your brand you'll be directed to our self-service learning platform, followed by us supporting you throughout your growth journey for 3 months.

Once accepted into the program, all participants must watch the predefined videos in our content library to give you direction on the core strategies you need to setup.

Regular face-to-face educational sessions around the strategies & processes you've watched in our content library.

Virtual face-to-face support and mentorship from the 1863 ventures team and brain trust, providing targeted strategic assistance on mission-critical needs and long-term planning.

One-on-one review of your brand data to evaluate your performance to date and to determine what we at 1863 ventures can do to enable you to achieve your goals.

The Content
Tailored around your needs and schedule.

The 1863 curricula provides comprehensive strategic guidance, designed side-by-side with industry veterans. Our content is modular structure, so you focus on what your brand needs, when you need it.

We cover the key aspects of building a profitable business. Taking into consideration the permutations that can take based on the type of brand you're currently building and what your long-term goals are.

Program Curriculum

Dive into our framework for building an effective brand.

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The Locations
A national grant program targeting select cities.