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Beyond5 Program
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A fellowship program to change the narrative around New Majority brands.

Redesign the customer experience for maximum efficiency.
Develop & maintain an effective lead management architecture.
Recruit and manage high value channel partners.
Develop a robust revenue management strategy.
Tap into an eager network of leading ecosystem builders.
Convey your brand story on a national stage.
Spring 2021
Retail & Hospitality

Brands that leverage eCommerce to sell their goods or rely on in-person services to generate revenue.

Fall 2021
Professional Services & SaaS

Brands that sell a service to the end-user or brand. Can be software driven or simply tech-enabled.

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The Experience:
How we drive change for your brand.

We overhaul your brand from the ground up. We take take the time to truly understand your brand, your operations, and most importantly, the pain points of your customers. All of this to craft a comprehensive strategy that perfectly encapsulates your values, how you communicate your product, and what you want people to feel when they interact with it. Our end goal is to radically improve the way you do business and help you deliver on your brand promise to your end customers.

Phase 1
Customer Experience

Redesign how customers interact with your brand.

Phase 2
Lead Management

Attract, close and retain more paying customers.

Phase 3
Channel Strategy

All of the sales.
Way less work.

Phase 4
Revenue Management

Develop a strategic approach to profitability.

Phase 5
Ecosystem Access

Gain entry to rooms previously thought inaccessible.

Phase 6
Public Relations

Tell your brand's story on the national stage.

Customer Experience:
Redesign how customers interact with your brand.

Where we focus on managing your customers’ perceptions – both conscious and subconscious – of their relationship with your brand resulting from all their interactions with your brand during the customer life cycle.

In turn, we'll embed the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and, thus, increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Assess your current touch-points with your audience (such as your website or store) to identify your strengths and weaknesses and determine the best approach to redesign general site structure.

Breakdown your products, services and capabilities to develop a comprehensive approach to building compelling webpages that convert.

Here we'll help you develop a brand identity that best aligns with the ideal vision of your brand, adding a layer of professionalization & respect.

Develop content asset templates that reflect your newly standardized offerings that will improve how audiences interact with them in the wild.

Lead Management:
Generate & close more leads.

Focuses on how to generate, nurture, close & retain a customer over time by aligning marketing, sales & customer success activities around your constantly developed customer identities.

Buyer's Journey & Lifecycle Development.
Here we'll develop two key assets that help define your brand's lead management process at a high level.

The Buyer's Journey divides up the buyer's experience into distinct "chunks" or "touch-points" that allow us to define and develop overarching activities to move them to the next stage, ultimately resulting in a conversion, followed by retention.

Whereas the Customer Lifecycle involves segmenting potential customers into a variety of stages to adjust marketing and sales techniques and maximize conversion. Together, these stages create your marketing and sales funnel.

Content Strategy & Plan Development.
Here we'll defining and optimizing a management document that dictates how you handle any tangible media & assets that your brand creates and owns: written, visual, downloadable — you name it.

Content strategy is the piece of your marketing plan that continuously demonstrates who you are and the expertise you bring to your industry.

Lead Generation & Nurturing Architecture.
We'll walk you through the development of the systems and content assets required to generate high-value leads and nurture them to closing.

We've developed highly engaging content templates for any brand to move the chains on your content strategy.

Channel Strategy:
All of the sales.
Way less work.

Focus on a potentially game-changing strategy: Using one or more channel sales models. Leverage the pre-established trust in your partner brands & the efficiency they bring to give you the space necessary to focus on closing new business without sacrificing your existing users.

An arrangement where you pay partners a commission to send you sales qualified leads. Taking all the legwork of nurturing leads & fast forwarding to the conversion stage of the Buyers Journey.

Chain store distributors provide you the opportunity to sell products at scale and gain massive brand awareness, positioning you to become a household name.

Partnerships that provide additional features or services that can be added to a core offering to enhance the end-user's experience of a service that either you or a partner provides.

Collaborate and tap into the networks of independent retail store owners that have painstakingly built trust & loyalty with their audience over time. Leverage that brand loyalty to earn more sales.

Revenue Management:
A strategic approach to profitability.

A long-term management strategy with immediate results that optimize the income of a brand during periods of high and low demand. In short, revenue management is a demand behavior prediction technique, the aim of which is to increase a your income by enabling us to segment the market and adapt your service to the needs of the client in terms of time, price and distribution.

Data Collection.
Correct revenue management should be based on the collection of a series of actual customer data that enables decision making, which translates into price and distribution strategies. Consequently, all the information obtained related to customers and their purchasing habits becomes essential for us to implement an effective revenue management strategy.

Interpretation of Financial Information.
Interpreting the data collected is the basis for the production of the sales forecast as well as pricing and distribution strategies.

Here we'll focus on interpreting customer trends and determining their segmentation based on a comprehensive RFM analysis, looking at Recency of transactions, Frequency of Transactions & Total Monetary Value of an account, amoug other things.

Forecasting Brand Activity.
When preparing the sales forecast, precision is decisive in obtaining a measurement of demand, which includes periods of peaks and troughs in activity.

This forecast enables you to react when faced with periods of low demand, design different rate levels, and choose the optimal distribution channels for the management of sales activity.

Pricing Strategy.
Defining your pricing and optimal distribution channels strategy is the step prior to fully engaging in revenue management. As such, you must consider concepts such as parity and value, given that positioning a price is not simple.

Likewise, we'll consider that direct sales optimize income, but market presence means reaching different targets, which is why, depending on the target public, we'll have to strike a healthy balance.

Putting the designed strategy into practice will  require time and planning, that can be split into two areas of focus:

1. Setting Up Relevant Architecture
Because there are technologies offer solutions that enable us to easily implement our revenue strategy.

2. Training Your Team
Revenue management must involve every staff member at the hotel, which is why training becomes a powerful ally.

Results Analysis.
Here we'll be setting up the systems and process required to monitor results through completing periodic reports that allow us to track how well your revenue management strategy is going.

Without an exhaustive analysis of results, it is impossible to establish corrective measures that allow you to optimize revenue and manage growth long-term.

Ecosystem Access:
Gain entry to rooms previously thought inaccessible.

Our partner organizations are dedicated to giving New Majority members the access and opportunity to increase their brand awareness and increase sales. Whether internationally, nationally, regionally or locally.

Public Relations:
Tell your story on the national stage.

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