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A study that documents the support & infrastructure needed to enable the success of historically marginalized businesses.
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The Purpose

Identify best practices for supporting BIPOC founders.

We'll collect data from 1000+ founders to uncover insight on key inputs for surviving Beyond 5 years. We'll provide case studies and outline areas of opportunity for ecosystem builders, policy makers, and investors to help advance these businesses beyond the “valley of death.”

Data-backed New Majority successes and failures.
We aim to delineate how these interventions impact companies across retail, marketplaces, services, and SaaS.

What are the crucial material needs of New Majority companies?
Our goal is to understand which combination of inputs lead to the greatest ROI and what works best for each business type.

When should these inputs be provided?
It's not enough to understand what needs to be done. When, or at what stage of growth these inputs are provided has a tremendous impact on how much value a company can effectively capture. We aim to highlight the most impactful windows of opportunity for ecosystem builders to intervene to yield the greatest ROI.


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