2020 Impact Report

Our progress towards generating $100B in New Majority wealth and what we've learned along the way.
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1863 Member Stories

Real stories from our member brands
Coming 2021

Standards & KPI's Breakdown

Peak behind the curtain at how we hold our member teams and the broader 1863 brand accountable.
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About the Brand
We're DC-based business veterans, bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and equity.
Beyond5 Initiative

A national campaign & fellowship to change the narrative around New Majority founders.


A scale stage program for B2B brands making $1M a year in annual revenue or more.


A systems & process-centric program for B2C brands making $100k/year or more in annual revenue.

Our People

Meet the operators behind the 1863 Ventures brand.

Explore our outcomes driven approach to business strategy.
Teams & Jobs
Meet the different teams you'll interact with at 1863 ventures.