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Deploy the right resources, to the right teams, at the right time.

Value Added Partners

Aligned brands looking to help our members grow faster.

Beyond5 Initiative

Change the narrative around New Majority founders.

Join a national initiative that highlights the stories and performance of the many New Majority entrepreneurs who've made it Beyond 5 years of operation.


Develop your ecosystem with maximum efficiency.

Connect brilliant New Majority teams, whether they are internal or external to your portfolio, to amazing opportunities nationwide, based on their specific needs, objectives, and long-term goals.


Shape the future of business & innovation.

Future-proof your brand by supporting New Majority entrepreneurs and their communities while achieving your organization's growth goals, all at scale.

Funders & Financiers

De-risk your New Majority investments.

Send us your current or potential brands, and we'll work out their kinks. Or, we can help you generate a pipeline of compelling brands worth investing in.

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About the Brand
We are DC-based business veterans, bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and equity.
Free, expert-led guidance around effective business practices.
From early to scale stage

A systems & process-centric program for B2C brands making $100K or more in revenue/yr

Our People

Meet the operators behind the 1863™ Ventures brand.