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Pipeline Program
A systems & process-centric shift in mindset.

Entrepreneurs are usually trying to do too much with too little money in too little time. Investing additional time in learning business process seems difficult but it is even more critical for an entrepreneur, enabling your brand to be incredibly productive, but most importantly, earning revenue in a sustainable way. That's where 1863's Pipeline program comes in.

The Subject Matter
Ensuring you leave with the right processes & systems.

Leveraging the industry experts in our Brain Trust, we've developed a comprehensive framework for helping you and your team re-imagine your internal processes and systems from the ground up. We cover everything from Customer Development to Human Resource Management.

We cover the key aspects of building a profitable business. Taking into consideration the permutations that can take based on the type of brand you're currently building and what your long-term goals are to We consider the permutations that can support your brand as well as your long-term goals

Strategic Curriculum
Customer Development
Know your customer
Refine your value, positioning and messaging to your customers.
Lead Management
Manage their journey
Build a fiercely customer oriented brand throughout the buyer lifecycle.
Financial Planning
Manage your capital
Plan, manage and predict your organizations financial future.
Affiliate Management
Leverage influence
Develop an effective affiliate and influencer marketing program.
Goal Management
Match objectives to results
Align all core functions with your brands long-term goals.
Product Management
Attain product/ market-fit
Craft delightful products with a winning team.
Customer Service & Support
Become proactive
Eliminate the friction that keeps customers from realizing your value.
HR Management
Manage your talent
Attract, onboard, enable and retain an amazing tribe.
Debt vs Equity Funding
Secure your runway
Determine the when and how of financing your brand.

Program Curriculum

Dive into our framework for building an effective brand.

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The Outcomes
Our track-record & performance speaks for itself.

We put the progress and performance of our member brands above all else. We take the time to improve your internal operations from the ground up and take an iterative approach to aggressive optimization once the base systems have been implemented.

SaaS/Tech Enabled
In equity investments
In non-dilutive funding
In debt financing

Kunbi Tinuoye founded UrbanGeekz, a groundbreaking digital news platform focused on technology, science, and business. It focuses on the African American, Latino, and multicultural markets, spotlighting  women innovators.

NUEKIE is the brainchild of founder & Chief Chemist, Eunice N. Cofie and a member of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial program. She leverages ACTUAL science to create skincare products that give your melanated skin the love it deserves.

Fashionista, Genevieve Gralton, created Underbares. A lingerie brand that truly understands that women want to feel both comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. Heralded by Vogue & Refinery29 as one of the most comfortable lingerie brands around.

SpenDebt, founded by Kiley Summers, is designed to assist people to pay off debt leveraging micropayments through everyday transactions. Partnered with several brands such as Capital One and more.

Founded in 2014 by travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson, the Harlem Candle Company is the manifestation of her love affair with fragrance, jazz, and Harlem. They've been declared by publications such as Cosmopolitan, The Today Show, Glamour and Essence as a brand to watch.

Jacque Amadi is the head magical girl of Adorned By Chi & Chigami Studios, an anime lifestyle and fashion business. Using her platform to represent black women & men, she's changing the anime landscape and is preparing to adapt her book for tv & movies in partnership with Madison Wells.

Michelle Jimenez-Meggiato is the co-founder of The Pizza Cupcake, a family-owned, small business that transformed super yummy pizza into a super convenient cupcake-shaped snack that can be enjoyed on the go. And as of 2020, Pizza Cupcake will now be sold at all MLB stadiums.

Medhaul, founded by Erica Plybeah, provides transit solutions that improve the quality of care for our most vulnerable communities. They allow hospitals, patients, and medical transportation providers to book medical transportation to and from various locations, while streamlining the management of day-to-day transportation ops.

The Experience
A needs analysis, followed by education & implementation.

From the day you're accepted into the program to when the program is complete, our team and Brain Trust members dig deep into your numbers to ensure both you and 1863 Ventures are making data-driven decisions.

Pre-Residency Workshops
Once you're accepted into the program, we begin working with you right away. We determine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & find potential threats, building a customized plan around what you need to accomplish so you spend your time in the program only working on what matters to you.
DC Residency
virtual due to covid
This is where you come down to DC so we can work with you one-on-one, in addition to grouped sessions to work towards implementing your desired goals.
Post-Residency Workshops
Bi-monthly, opt-in, virtual sessions around things we may have missed during the residency or on new topics you and your team believe will be helpful towards your growth.
One-on-One Coaching
Hands on, one-on-one sessions with the 1863 team, Brain Trust and mentor team on specific, actionable needs your team may have. Can cover anything from how to attract influencers to strategic brand positioning.
Brain Trust

Giving You Access.
The people dedicated to your success as a founder.

We understand there is no one size fits all solution to implementing specific systems. We dedicate a significant amount of time to having one-on-one advisory sessions with your coaches to devise a specific plan of action tailored to your organization's needs. Each mentor is an industry leader in their particular discipline.

Brain Trust Councils
Navigate the tricky waters of raising capital
Help brands identify the right types of financing for their brands and how to capture it.
Business Development
Establish high-value partnerships
Help members attract key channel partners to attract more customers with less effort.
Marketing & Comms
Refine how brands interact with audiences
Help brands promote their messaging to key audiences compelling them to take the desired actions.
Re-imagining brands visual language
Support brands through the artistic & creative process.
Build more effective products & teams
Help team accelerate business decisions by gathering user insights, developing roadmaps & building world class teams.
Define our strategic curriculum
These folks help us improve how we support founders across the core functions of their brand.

A scale stage program for B2B brands making $1M+ in revenue/yr.

Our People

Meet the operators behind the 1863 Ventures brand.

Deploy the right resources to the right teams at the right time.
About the Brand
We're DC-based business veterans, bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and equity.