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Kunbi Tinuoye founded UrbanGeekz, a digital news brand focused on tech, science, and business. Emphasizing multicultural markets & spotlighting women innovators.

Founded in 2014 by travel and lifestyle expert Teri Johnson, the Harlem Candle Company is the manifestation of her love affair with fragrance, jazz, and Harlem.

Jacque Amadi is the head magical girl of Adorned By Chi & Chigami Studios, an anime lifestyle and fashion business. Using her platform to represent black women & men, she's changing the anime landscape.

Madam Indigo is a luxury hair extensions brand, founded by Phelena Jean. They provide multi-textured hair extensions for women with discerning taste & connects clients with a global network of qualified specialists to answer their every question.

Maude Okrah, cofounder of Bonnti, developed a luxury beauty concierge that sends amazing hair stylists and makeup artists directly to you.

As a self proclaimed "lazy natural" making the time to style, maintain, preserve, and do all the necessary things for hair health was daunting. This was the inspiration behind Ranay Orton's brand, Glow by Daye.

April Harris-Holmes, a former member of the platinum selling group Seduction, took a break from topping the charts to start Keeping You Sweet. A vegan and low fat dessert brand that crafts award-winning treats, without the refined sugar and gluten.

Michelle Jimenez-Meggiato is the co-founder of The Pizza Cupcake, transformed super yummy pizza into a super convenient cupcake-shaped snack that can be enjoyed on the go

Wanderstay Hotels aims to connect travelers from all over the globe. Guests rave about Deidre Mathis's hotel and it's social atmosphere, as well as their option for private and shared rooms.

Amanda DoAmaral, once a teacher, has now expanded her class size to ~40K students when she founded Fiveable, a social learning platform for students & teachers to engage after school through live-streamed lessons, Q&A's, and much more.

Yoly Avalos, founder of Bquate Music, uses AI to develop a full-service platform that democratizes global royalty collection, video monetization, publishing, and much more.

Tasheema Price, who has dedicated herself to help future health care workers develop their EQ and soft skills needed in their interaction with patients, made the amazing brand Premedly

Naa-Sakle Akuete, CEO of Eu’Genia Shea & Naasakle International produces a line of high-quality shea butters and advises governments and NGOs about shea butter standards, fair trade, and sustainability.

NUEKIE is the brainchild of founder & Chief Chemist, Eunice N. Cofie. She leverages ACTUAL science to create skincare products that gives your melanated skin the love it deserves.

SpenDebt, founded by Kiley Summers, is designed to assist people to pay off debt leveraging micropayments through everyday transactions.

Fashionista x founder, Genevieve Gralton, created Underbares. A lingerie brand that truly understands that women want to feel both comfortable and beautiful in their own skin.

Detroit Voltage, helmed by the amazing Deana Neely, employs the most experienced & meticulous electricians to deliver stunning installations for clients of all sizes.

Holley Murchison, founder of Oratory Glory, crafts learning experiences, content, and products that equip individuals and teams to better communicate.

Meet Gina Woods, an LA based eCommerce expert and founder of premium quality hair extension company (among other pursuits) Rupi Hair.

Linda Dempah's, Adeba Nature, produces all natural Adjoba oil, without the damaging costs to the well-being of the earth, plants, and community.

GRASPIE™ , founded by Derrick Parson, is a mobile-first learning and engagement platform, allowing businesses to train and engaged the new workforce.

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