Why 1863?

Why 1863?

We Empower New Majority Founders

We accelerate black and brown entrepreneurs from high potential to high growth, through rigorous leadership training and strategic market access.

Our thesis is that entrepreneurship is becoming an increasingly viable pathway for the New Majority to build wealth. Our goal is to facilitate this trend by reducing barriers and risk for these founders across the nation.

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Focus on fundamentals of building a scalable brand.

"We arm you with the process & systems you need to succeed"
Melissa Bradley

‍1863 Ventures

Participants receive free, non-dilutive instruction from industry experts on a wide variety of topics framed around key best practices, systems & processes.

After instruction, participants apply their learnings in real-time to their business. After each program, they receive one-on-one support from both the 1863 team and Brain Trust in order to refine their strategy and implementation.

Rebuild your brand post COVID.
For brands of all types and stages

An online program to help you reevaluate your business models and execute with a clear roadmap. ($5000 in grants available)

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Improve your operations via process.
B2C brands w/ annual revenue of $100K or more

Prioritizes process while facilitating partnerships with distributors to help qualified firms reach critical velocity faster to raise capital sooner.

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Higher growth, less effort
B2B brand w/ annual revenue of $1m or more

Supports brands seeking rapid growth or scale within 6-12 months of graduation and have at least two years of market traction.

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Core to our programs is improving operational efficiency, reducing execution risk and catalyzing growth through our rigorously developed, process based curriculum.

This curriculum is composed of six key areas of focus. Marketing, Sales, Fundraising, Finance & Accounting, Product, and Operations.

Make your product sell itself.
Brands are built on authenticity ant trust. But at the core of an essential brand is a strong value proposition. We help you distill what you offer into what makes you unique
Build and maintain relationships with high-ticket customers
A strong sales strategy helps you target the right customers, at scale. We work with you to develop a repeatable and data-driven approach to close more deals faster.
How to approach and manage investor & lender relationships
Fundraising should be a means to an end for your business, not a signal of success. We help you understand how to create value within your company so you can attract the right capital to get you to the next milestone.
Ensure your business has the capital to not only survive but thrive
We get it, excel spreadsheets and financial models can be intimidating. We empower you to project the performance of your business using historical financial data & research-based assumptions.
Build the right products for the right customer segments
To tackle large market opportunities, you must start with those initial adopters. Using customer discovery, you'll understand what markets and segments have the highest need for your product.
Manage your team like the pros
A business is made of many moving parts. Each business function should contribute to your overall business goals. We help you transition from doer to leader so you you have clarity on the road ahead and confidence to execute on your mission.

Program Curriculum

Comprehensive approach to brand development.

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In addition to rigorous process development and management, all 1863 program participants gain access to our Brain Trust of experts across multiple sectors and disciplines.

Meet the Brain Trust

Don't take our word for it. Meet the dope teams whose lives we've touched.

Black girl-centric anime brand. Currently being developed for TV & movies via 1863 partnership with Madison Wells.
Jacque Amadi

CEO of Chigami Studios
& Adorned by Chi

We have programs designed to support brands in any sector or industry. Each is specifically crafted to launch participating brands to the next stage of entrepreneurial success.

Whether you're at the growth stage, and are preparing to scale existing systems and operations, or if your pre-growth and looking to establish those long overdue processes in the first place, we've got you. Here are a few of the brands we've worked with so far.

Janus Contractors, is a full service carpentry company that provides exceptional building and contracting services to federal, state and local government agencies. They've provided the expertise behind the Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Lab, Univ of MD Medical Center: Gamma Knife Center, and many more amazing projects.

Federal Contractors, Inc. is an electrical, plumbing & architecture firm with a record of expertise and experience in renovation projects. FCI has successfully completed contracts with the Social Security Administration, U. S. Dept of Labor, National Park Service and U. S. Dept of Agriculture.

Fashionista, Genevieve Gralton, created Underbares. A lingerie brand that truly understands that women want to feel both comfortable and beautiful in their own skin. Heralded by Vogue & Refinery29 as one of the most comfortable lingerie brands around.

Medhaul, founded by Erica Plybeah, provides transit solutions that improve the quality of care for our most vulnerable communities. They allow hospitals, patients, and medical transportation providers to book medical transportation to and from various locations, while streamlining the management of day-to-day transportation ops.

Kunbi Tinuoye founded UrbanGeekz, a groundbreaking digital news platform focused on technology, science, and business. It focuses on the African American, Latino, and multicultural markets, spotlighting  women innovators.

Michelle Jimenez-Meggiato is the co-founder of The Pizza Cupcake, a family-owned, small business that transformed super yummy pizza into a super convenient cupcake-shaped snack that can be enjoyed on the go. And as of 2020, Pizza Cupcake will now be sold at all MLB stadiums.

NUEKIE is the brainchild of founder & Chief Chemist, Eunice N. Cofie and a member of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial program. She leverages ACTUAL science to create skincare products that give your melanated skin the love it deserves.

Jacque Amadi is the head magical girl of Adorned By Chi & Chigami Studios, an anime lifestyle and fashion business. Using her platform to represent black women & men, she's changing the anime landscape and is preparing to adapt her book for tv & movies in partnership with Madison Wells.

The People Behind the Data

Behind each set of numbers is a compelling New Majority story of accomplishment in spite of intense adversity.

SaaS/Tech Enabled
in Equity Investments
in Non-Dilutive Funding
in Debt Financing

The Partners
Growth doesn’t have to come at the cost of equity.

"1863 continues to develop amazing New Majority flow opportunities."
Aerica Shimizu Banks

Angel Investor

Our objective is to improve the state of innovation & entrepreneurship for both New Majority founders and ecosystem builders alike.

Whether you're a corporate brand, non-profit, venture capitalist, or something in between, we have a variety of both pre-packaged and custom services that can be rapidly deployed nation-wide.

Partnership Options
Solution Partners
Support our teams with your products & services.
Join the likes of M&T, Facebook and Amazon.
Brand Pipeline
Pre-vetted New Majority brands.
Access brands in the 1863 network or part of the broader national ecosystem.
Custom Programs
Vertical specific or agnostic accelerators.
Programs in any location with a focus on any industry.
Brand Activations
Establish your brand in local communities.
From online promotion to large in-person gatherings.
Pitch Competitions
Vertical specific or agnostic competitions.
Discover the leading innovators of tomorrow.

We pride ourselves on delivering meaningful & measurable outcomes for partners in all industries and sizes. Meet some of the amazing brands we've worked with and the outcomes we've produced.

Support ecosystems with maximum efficiency.

Connect brilliant New Majority teams to amazing opportunities.

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Tap into undiscovered New Majority opportunities.

Support New Majority communities while achieving your growth goals.

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De-risk high-potential investments.

Send us your current or potential brands, we'll work out their kinks.

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Town Hall 2020
Learn how to support Black entrepreneurs.
About the Brand
DC-based business veterans, bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and equity.

A systems & process-centric program for B2C brands making $100k or more in revenue/yr

Our People

Meet the operators behind the 1863 Ventures brand.

Deploy the right resources to the right teams at the right time.
Teams & Jobs
Meet the different teams you'll interact with at 1863 ventures.