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2020 Impact Report
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The Outcomes

The Numbers at a Glance

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Report Themes

The core themes covered in this report.

Across health, income, and education we saw Black lives disproportionately impacted by COVID and the recession. In spite of the droves of dark news and despair, we saw an unprecedented number of founders, investors and initiatives emerge to elevate our communities and provide buoyancy to our businesses.

In this impact report you'll learn exactly why it is important to invest in the New Majority and change the narrative. Here at 1863 Ventures, our work is transformative, but we cannot do it alone.

2020 Impact Report
Macro Data

Reviewing the State of Black Business and the Barriers to Black Success.

2020 Impact Report
COVID's Impact

Covering Black Firm Closure and the Inequalities Associated with Accessing PPP.

2020 Impact Report
From Movements to Markets

Assessing the impact of supporting Black founders with effective ecosystems, reviewing the work that the private sector has committed towards establishing equity.

2020 Impact Report
Meet the Brand

Examining our approach, our team and hearing directly from our members about their experience.

2020 Impact Report
Founder Stories

A quick showcase of our program graduates and fund portfolio companies.

2020 Impact Report
1863's Initiatives

A look at the different programs and events we use to deliver real results for BIPOC entrepreneurs and their communities.

2020 Impact Report
Key 2020 Insights

The key learnings we've gained from this tumultuous year.

2020 Impact Report
Needed Support

How you can support 1863's mission to support BIPOC entrepreneurs and their communities.