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Connect brilliant New Majority teams to amazing opportunities.

We're an outcomes focused brand, prioritizing the success of New Majority founders, teams, and their communities above all else.

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In equity investments
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Partnership Opportunities

Whether large or small, we want to work with you to support the New Majority.

Brand Pipeline

Tap into a stream of high potential New Majority brands around the nation.

Custom Programs

Foster ecosystems of resilient New Majority brands, nationwide.

Brand Activations

Embed your brand in high potential, New Majority communities.

Pitch Competitions

Providing a whole lot more value than simply money.


High quality support of any ecosystem at scale.

1863 Pipeline

Tap into a stream of high potential New Majority brands and opportunities around the nation.

1863 Member Pipeline

Access our portfolio of graduates from our various programs. All of which are rigorously trained, vetted and ready to capitalize on any and all opportunities that may come their way.

3rd Party Network Pipeline

We regularly reach out to philanthropic organizations nationwide to source both New Majority brands and new opportunities & resources, strategically positioning them where and when they're needed most.

Whether you're looking to connect your New Majority portfolio to opportunities, or are looking to provide the opportunities to the community, 1863 serves as a conduit to ensure no deserving brand goes unnoticed.

Funding Opportunities

Connecting brands to both dilutive and non-dilutive funding.

Are you looking to financially support New Majority brands? Or are you searching for financing opportunities for your portfolio? We can supply rigorously trained brands ready to take on your capital and connect your portfolio to relevant funding opportunities.

Partnership Opportunities

Aggregating brands that are partnership ready.

Whether you're looking for external brands to support with your internal partner networks, or you're looking to connect your portfolio companies to our partners, we've got both pre-vetted teams and interested partners that are ready to engage.

Solution Opportunities

Presenting brands with ways to cut costs.

From design to legal, 1863's studio team provides key interventions for each brand that is sure to yield high returns both in revenue and capacity.

Custom Programs

Foster ecosystems of resilient New Majority brands nationwide.

Rapid Deployment

Launch a program in any US state in 3 months due to our refined internal processes & systems.

Rigorous Curricula

We leverage a tried & true curriculum that covers key activities any given brand needs to master to truly become sustainable and profitable.

Outcomes & Data-driven

All activity is tied to specific outcomes we've judged as vital to a brands success. So we spend all of our time with founders focusing on what truly matters.

Every custom program covers the key strategies, processes and systems necessary to build a profitable business. We take into consideration the permutations these can take based on the type of brand each participant is currently building and what their long-term goals are. Here are just a few things we cover.

Our custom program curricula is dynamically designed to address the 9 key factors of building a sustainable and profitable business. We tailor the subject matter to prioritize the collective needs of the program participants. This ensures that we're maximizing the ROI of your commitment to the ecosystem of focus.

Product Market Fit

We assist early stage brands in identifying and validating a compelling value hypothesis. One that addresses both the features and business model required to entice any customer within their target market(s) to both buy and advocate for your product.

Product Quality

We help founders & their teams refine how well the product does what it's supposed to do, and how well it holds up over time, building a loyal and retained customer base.


Equipping founding & executive teams with the tools necessary to lead their brands through the rocky stages of growth when launching sustainable companies. Arming them with the knowledge to outflank the failures that await them at every turn.

Team & Talent

Our talent building activities for early stage brands is less about helping them recruit for a specific role or a set of tactics and more about building a strategy that is resilient and optimizes for a culture of long-term high performance.

Market Opportunity

At any given moment, a team may be considering a variety of new business ideas and market opportunities, but not all of them are worth pursuing. Here is where we help them narrow down their options to ensure they focus on the ones that have the highest potential for success & ROI.

Sales & Lead Management

Supporting brands by helping them refine the process of capturing leads, tracking their activity and behavior, qualifying and engaging them until they are ready to be passed on to quota-carrying sales executives to be closed, and finally retaining those leads long-term.

Market Strategy

Where we help each brand develop their organization-wide game plan for reaching prospective customers across various markets & segments, turning them into long-term customers of the offerings & solutions the brand provides.

Financial Health

Brands can only achieve their goals if they survive and thrive. One's financial health is correlated to their personal and professional well-being. We teach our founders how to setup, manage and fully utilize their key financial systems. Enabling them to stay on top of how much they're spending per month; how much cash they have on hand, and how to maintain a healthy runway for far beyond their next financing milestone (investment, launching a product, etc). We help New Majority entrepreneurs leverage their financial statements to demonstrate their vision and value

Competitive Advantage

Educating members on how they can produce goods or services better or more cheaply than their rivals. These factors enable our New Majority founders to generate more sales or superior margins compared to their market rivals.

Curriculum is planned alongside industry veterans across multiple industries and sectors.

Whether they're teaching classes in their discipline or working one-on-one with your portfolio companies, their cumulative decades of domain expertise positions your portfolio companies to achieve both long & short-term objectives.

Brain Trust Councils
Navigate the tricky waters of raising capital
Help brands identify the right types of financing for their brands and how to capture it.
Business Development
Establish high-value partnerships
Help members attract key channel partners to enable them attract more customers with less effort.
Marketing & Comms
Refine how brands interact with audiences
Help brands promote their messaging to key audiences compelling them to take the desired actions.
Re-imagining brands visual language
Support brands through the artistic & creative process.
Build more effective products & teams
Designed to help teams accelerate business decisions by gathering user insights, developing roadmaps & building world class teams.
Define our strategic curriculum
These folks help us improve how we support founders across the core functions of their brand.
Brand Activations

Embed your brand in high potential, New Majority communities.

We know the New Majority

Our combined decades of experience in New Majority communities enable us to produce activations that are sure to accomplish your target objectives.

Digital & in-person

We’ve refined our processes to host events in the safest possible way, based on your requirements.

Industry & size-agnostic

Due to our wide area of expertise and extensive alumni network, we’re capable of sourcing brands across a wide array of industries & verticals.

Build brand awareness with engaging experiences. Source high potential New Majority teams and reinforce your value & presence within local ecosystem builder networks.

Experiential Marketing

We bring brands to life by hosting engaging events that allow you to interact directly with your target New Majority audiences & communities.

Brand Promotions

Attract and retain target New Majority audiences through brand promotion-oriented activations. Aligning you with your target audience and keeping them engaged with your brand long-term.

Online / In-person / In-Office Events

We've worked hard to adapt to changing circumstances and can help you develop unique content that engages people while keeping them safe.

However, it’s important to keep looking ahead. In-person events will always offer a unique and valuable experience to event-goers that can’t be captured online. Enabling your brand to bring New Majority communities to your work environments to build a more personal connection to your organization.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

We research and clearly articulate the aims and goals of your digital initiative, then clearly target digital markets, segments & personas, followed by methodically choosing which channels to go after them and how we can execute on our combined vision.

Social Media Engagements & Event Marketing

Build brand awareness, increase customer engagement, generate leads, educate prospects, as well as Up-Sell target audiences to further engage with your initiatives.

Sampling Campaigns

Whether it's the offerings & solutions of your portfolio brands, or enticing target New majority audiences with a taste of your organizations services and initiatives, we can coordinate an effective engagement strategy with sampling campaigns.

Pitch Competitions

Provide the New Majority with a whole lot more value than simply money.

National Team Sourcing

Sourcing amazing & diverse founders & executive teams from our nation wide network of alumni members & ecosystem partners.

Brand Awareness

Each pitch competition we engage in will be covered by our network of leading publications. This ensures that your support of New Majority founders doesn’t go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Event Management

We manage each pitch competition from start to finish. Covering everything from participant sourcing to follow-up support & communication, ensuring it meets the specific needs of your organization.

We can source a truly diverse & high value judging panel.

Startups will likely pitch to diverse groups throughout their journey. To prepare these brands for what lies ahead, 1863 meticulously convenes judges that represent a variety of crucial segments.

Funders & Financiers

Relevant folks seeking a well-aligned investment opportunity. These professionals are vetted to ensure they have a proven interest in supporting the New Majority.

Channel Partners

Key strategic partners that are vital to capturing significant parts of each New Majority pitch contestants market, These partners can present opportunities to help your portfolio companies streamline their distribution & customer acquisition strategy.

Potential Customers

We source reviewers who are high-value potential customers for each pitch contestants brand to give them on-the-ground insight as to how they can improve their offerings and solutions.

Industry & Technical Experts

Industry veterans, operators & technical experts capable of giving founders key insight on everything from operations to product development.

We take a value first approach.

Judges, mentors, investors, and other critical players in pitch competitions have little time to spare. Before every event, we make sure the event is worth their while. Each event comes complete with built in pre-competition networking events just for key players involved, as well as key players in the ecosystem. This allows stakeholders to engage with different people who don’t always have the opportunity to connect. The attendees feel like they receive a value-add for their time commitment to the competition and the New Majority teams.

Ecosystem support that continues long-after the pitch competition is over.

Far too many startups leave a pitch competition thinking, “Now what?”. That question has more urgency among teams who didn’t win a prize. 1863 helps teams develop a post pitch competition action plan.

Why? Because there is always someone in the room who can provide something of value such as mentorships or connections after the event. We also ask teams to provide regular progress reports to share with the ecosystem. More often than not, the success story sparks interest from a potential business partner or investor, even if the team doesn’t make it to the podium.

Our Capabilities

High quality support of any ecosystem at scale.

Professional delivery.
No matter the scope.

Our multi-disciplinary in-house & third-party teams are capable of executing on a wide variety of support options based on the needs of your organization and how you'd like to engage with New Majority communities & 1863 Ventures.

Curriculum Development
The step-by-step process to create positive improvements in the courses offered by the business education-oriented arm of your brand. The world changes every day and new discoveries have to be engaged or included into the education curricula. We'll help you stay on top of it all.
Pitch Competition Judges + Evaluators
Sourcing experts that can evaluate brands across a wide-range of industries & verticals. Their critical eyes can serve as a shortcut for your portfolio companies to get to know investors who might invest in their brands in the near future.
One-on-One Coaching
Effective coaching is an integral part of the long-term success of your portfolio companies. By implementing consistent one-on-one coaching sessions, we can provide all our members the opportunity to share their ideas, frustrations, and goals within a structured and safe environment.
Guest Speaking Engagements
We provide access to role models, mentors and trailblazers to share their stories and inspire your portfolio companies. Each speaker brings opportunity to build competency through workshops and trainings from both sector leaders and successful regional entrepreneurs.
Co-branded Webinars
Two heads are better than one - the saying holds true when it comes to creating webinars that will benefit your brands. Joining forces to run a co-marketing webinar can have double the value of your average broadcast, from reaching new markets to bolstering your credibility.
Customer Insights & Trends
Using our decades of experience in academia and our roots in data analytics, we're able to identify behaviors that are key to inciting change for both you and the teams you support.
Customer Experience
Doesn't matter if you're targeting potential portfolio companies or ecosystem builders, we can craft a market strategy to ensure you're only ever associated with excellence.
Data Science & Analytics
We believe that all change should be centered around real and accurate data. That's why we place pride in our ability to setup, manage & improve the systems required to acquire it.
Product & Service Vision
With our knowledge of national ecosystems, we're able to align all stakeholders, whether it's your team or the teams you support, around what it takes to achieve the right outcomes.
Go-to-Market Planning
Our extensive project managing experience enables us to avoid wasting time and resources bringing a solution to market where or when it’s unnecessary.
Omnichannel + D2C Strategy
While partnerships are valuable (and needed) relying solely on partners to communicate with customers is a risk. We specialize in building direct relationships between the target audiences and either you or the teams you support.
Design Systems + Style Guides
Save valuable time and energy for the stakeholders on your team and that of your portfolio companies by developing a unified and distinct language that your respective customer bases will fall in love with and that's all your own.
eCommerce + Website Design
We've worked closely with top brands to build stores & sites that compel their target audiences to buy into their value. We're bringing that skillset to your organization and your portfolio.
User Experience Strategy
Our design team specializes in translating any brands vision to every touchpoint their target market interacts with. Whether it's your brand setting up an event site, or one of your portfolio companies launching a content marketing initiative.
Digital Product + Service Design
A good solution is something that can be crafted & refined. Whether we're working with your team or one of your portfolio companies, we center the customer's needs and experiences. We ensure that every point where they make contact with the service provider creates a positive outcome in their mind.
Rapid Prototyping & Optimization
While building a product we understand the importance of validation. Before launching any initiative we run experiments to explore, test hypotheses and iterate on ideas. We carefully expose the target audience to the potential designs and experience before investing time and money into formal development.
Mobile Web + Native Design
We all live on our mobile devices, and it's likely that the audiences you're targeting do as well. Whether we're building a pitch event website or guiding the production of your portfolio company's new product, we ensure that the mobile experience is accounted for.
Identity + Positioning
We carefully craft how you want your initiative to be perceived  – from the language used, to your color palette and however else we'll express your brands values.
Brand Guidelines + Playbooks
We'll help you or your portfolio companies develop a comprehensive document that establishes guidelines for how your respective brand is publicly presented. It enforces consistency with all communications, whether that is a company description or visual branding.
Brand Messaging
Craft a comprehensive messaging framework that can guide you or your portfolio companies through marketing across every piece of content and channel. Everything you'll create, both internally and externally, should be able to map back to this messaging.
Visual Language + Art Direction
Just as spoken language is based on fundamental letters, sounds and grammar, visual art is based on elements and principles that, when used together, create works that communicate ideas and meaning to the viewer. These are necessary to convey your values to an increasingly distracted audience.
Campaign Development
Our design team specializes in translating any brands vision to every touchpoint their target market interacts with. Whether it's your brand setting up an event site, or one of your portfolio companies launching a content marketing initiative.
Design Production + Execution
Enables your in-house marketers and designers to stay focused on the big picture while the 1863 team acts as an extension of your department. Rest easy knowing experienced professionals can take your existing design or design direction and create production-ready assets in a timely and professional manner.
CMS Implementation
Develop a system that provides your staff or the staff of your portfolio brand(s) with a way to update or create content for whatever content-centric project(s) you're trying to produce.
Full Stack Development
Our development teams can work with both the front and back ends of a website or application, enabling us to tackle projects that involve databases or building user-facing websites.
Interactive Prototyping
We're capable of validating your ideas and concepts with prospective target audiences before investing time and money in the development stage. Highlighting any issues that users may have, or suggestions to improve the look and feel are addressed.
Quality Assurance
Before launching any initiative we ensure we maintain the desired level of quality in a service or product by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production.
Content Strategy
Support with the ongoing process of transforming business objectives and goals into a plan that uses content as a primary means of achieving those goals.
While design, content marketing, and SEO are all parts of a complete digital marketing plan to New Majority communities, copywriting is the glue that ties it all together. Copy gives your design assets meaning and lays the necessary foundation.
The 1863 Studio team enables you or your portfolio brands to introduce the world to your business with authentic, high-resolution photos of your team, locations, products, audiences, initiatives and events.
Video Production
Our 1863 Studio team provides full video production services including concept development, production, and post production. For those who need an all-in-one script-to-screen solution, 1863 Studio can write, produce and edit a finished product that fits your video objectives.

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