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We're committed to maximizing the untapped potential of people and organizations striving to make our world a better place. We lead with questions – knowing we don’t have all the answers.
Our brand is a small, tight‐knit team that is driven by a shared passion for changing the narrative around New Majority teams and communities.
We are a highly adaptive team that strives to maintain a fun, collaborative atmosphere. Looking for new members of our family that are always willing to “roll up our sleeves” to get stuff done.
We value an environment where every voice counts and staff are empowered to be open and to share their opinions. Differences are honored, and constructive criticism is welcome as we collectively strive to learn and improve.



Curriculum Team
Bring clarity to the complex world of business.

The 1863 Curriculum team is responsible to ensure that we provide the most impactful guidance to our members regardless of their stage. By developing a rigorous and effective curriculum architecture, you enable the other 1863 teams to do work efficiently at scale.

Curriculum Maintenance
Content Library Development
System & Product Guides
Insight, Tutorial & Template Aggregation


Experiential Team
Craft unforgettable experiences.

The 1863 Experiential team is responsible for managing the implementation of our programs & activations from start to finish. From aggregating candidates to the top of the funnel, to the day to day activities. All of which depends on rigorous documentation & feedback to ensure 1863 meets the expectations of both our participating members and program partners.

Activation/Program Marketing & Comms
Program/Activation Application & Registration Management
Venue Management
Travel, Lodging & Travel Management
Vendor Management & Logistics
Activation/Program Scheduling
Speaker & Mentor Management
Partner/Sponsor Management
Audio Visual


Community Team
Build long-lasting member relationships.

When a brand becomes a member of the 1863 family, it’s the beginning of a life-long relationship to ensure they're successful. This team helps make sure that relationship thrives. You’ll make the most of your own passions to help our brands bring their dreams to life.

1863 Customer Development (Founders)
Member Data Maintenance & Management
Member Success
Member Support
Member Communication
Brain Trust Management
Member Performance Management


Partnerships Team
Aligning the ecosystem to achieve more together.

Whether they’re approaching foundations or banks, this team conveys the tremendous value and impact of investing in 1863's solutions. And then they work rigorously to ensure we achieve the aligned goals of our partners.

1863 Customer Development (Partners)
Partner Relationship Management
Partnership Development
Partner Success
Partner Performance Management

1863™ Studio

Studio Team
Inspire the world to be better through execution.

The people of the 1863 Ventures Studio team work directly with every other team to embed our high design & implementation standards into everything that we produce. It requires a level of collaboration that ultimately strengthens our commitment to change the narrative around New Majority brands, uniting 1863's wide range of talent around that singular focus.

1863™ Site Maintenance
3rd Party Customer Development
Social Media Management
3rd Party Brand Development
Asset Development
UI/UX Design
3rd Party Website/Store/Product Development