1863™ Portfolio
Core activities center around providing finished physical or digital goods to consumers. Think Nike, the Futur, Dollar Shave Club, a Skill Share instructor or Warby Parker.
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Young King Hair Care
Creating clean products that are free from harmful ingredients to promote healthy, textured hair health and growth.
Eu'Genia Shea
A mother-daughter duo dedicated to all-natural premium shea moisturizers that heal while they moisturize.
Best, Periodt.
Educating customers, as well as raising awareness and breaking the stigmas around periods and the products associated with them.
Greentop Gifts
Bringing diversity to your celebrations with apparel, home decor and stationery.
The High Priestess Herbal Wellness
We help people use herbal remedies to improve their own mental, physical and sexual health & wellness.
Hailed by VOGUE as the most comfortable bra you will ever wear.
Harlem Candle Co.
A luxury home fragrance brand specializing in scented candles inspired by the richness of Harlem.
Hammond Psychology & Associates
Dr. Hammond is known as an authority in child psychology, with a specific mission to support parents of children dealing with ADHD.
Nubian Heumann
A social enterprise that specializes in sourcing unique goods, fashion, and art by designers representing the global Diaspora.
Brown Toy Box
an educational toy company & and curating STEM toys, media, and experiences for centering and celebrating Black children where all children can enjoy, learn, and have fun.
Caribbrew LLC
Hires young people in the capital of Haiti to package and export delicious coffee to the U.S. shipping facility in New Jersey, where they hire local residents to fulfill coffee orders..
Keeping You Sweet
Delectable all-natural cheesecakes & brownies that are gluten-free with no added refined sugar, available for purchase or catering.
Glammed Naturally Oil
Specializes in producing 100% high quality organic products which are purely safe because it is chemical free.

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Artists, Media & Content Creators
Core activities center around producing content directly and engaging consumers on one or more platforms in the form of music, photography, crafts, video & more. (Can be selected in conjunction with 1 or more listed options.) Think Buzzfeed, social media influencers, independent artists, Forbes, bloggers or YouTubers.
Software as a Service brands
Core activities center around developing, distributing & maintaining software used by an end consumer. Think Asana, Adobe or Zoom.
Service brands
Core activities center around providing services such as a meal, an experience, healthcare, portfolio management or professional services. Think Deloitte, Starbucks, a physician, JP Morgan or The Four Seasons.
Marketplace brands
Core activities center around facilitating transactions between two or more consumer markets. Think Amazon, a local market, Airbnb or Doordash.